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View Online Total Picture Beauty And The Beast (2017)

Posted By christianb on Travel - Belle is unsure of her feelings because of her imprisonment, while the Beast has fallen in love with Belle.
As of April 16, 2017, Beauty and the Beast has grossed $454.6 million in in America and Canada and $588.4 million in other territories for a worldwide gross of $1.043 billion.

Winter lumbar Pain - the Chiropractor

Posted By corazonpak on Hotel - However, an unlicensed chiropractor is uninsured. In more serious cases, surgery to take out the ruptured disc become necessary.

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Thousands of Wells Fargo Employees Fired for Creating 2 Million Fake Bank and Credit Card Accounts

Posted By ViewFromTheWing on Credit Cards - 5300 employees of Wells Fargo have been fired for creating fake accounts since 2011 in order to earn bonuses for hitting sales targets. In total over 2 million fake accounts were opened using made up PINs and bogus email addresses for current bank customers.

Chase to Introduce New High End Card – Chase Sapphire Reserve

Posted By PointStrategist on Credit Cards - Rumors have been flying for weeks around a new high end credit card that Chase is set to release on August 21 to compete with the Amex Platinum and Citi Prestige cards.   A Glimpse of the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card The new high end card will echo many of the same benefits we have seen over the past years with the Amex Platinum and Citi Prestige cards from what we are told. Benefits Rumored to launch with a 100,000 point sign up bonus after spending $4,000 in three months 3x points on travel and dining at restaurants worldwide 1x point on all other spending $300 travel annual credit/reimburse

5 Reasons You Should Walk Away From That Cheap Airfare Deal

Posted By nila on In the News - Occasionally airlines or booking agents make an internal error and an airfare surfaces for far less than it should normally sell for. There are also promotions for cheap fares from airlines seeking to expand their presence such as Norwegian Airlines and WOW. These mistake fares and super cheap fares may be communicated in daily emails […]

HOT FARE: Fancy a Trip to Ireland? Fly Delta For Less Than $350 Roundtrip

Posted By ViewFromTheWing on Credit Cards - Delta flights between Philadelphia, Chicago, and Boston and Ireland are available for less than $350 roundtrip. Fares are available from September through May excluding peak holiday dates. From Philadelphia you can fly into Dublin or Shannon, from Chicago and Boston the fares work to Dublin.

The Frugal Traveler’s Guide to Drinking and Flying

Posted By nila on In the News - Nobody is born a frugal traveler. Instead, every facet of this hobby – from learning about how to maximize points and miles to managing the credit aspect of this game – is learned. Thus, everything in our particular fascination is a skill, meaning it is open to anyone who wants to understand how to travel […]

Chase Out of Sapphire Reserve Cards

Posted By PointStrategist on Credit Cards - The Chase Sapphire Reserve has been so popular that Chase ran out of the metal versions of the card within the first week. As reported by Bloomberg, in just two days there were tens of thousands of applications for Sapphire Reseve card, surpassing the Chase teams expectations.  It is not at all surprising given the hundreds of blog articles and thousands of forum and Reddit posts. Bloomberg Article: What is the hype about? First and foremost is the 100,000 point sig