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Guide to Maximize Credit Card Points | Point Strategist

Posted By elarsen336 on Credit Cards - Select the Right Credit Card This may sound easy (or maybe not) but it is important to select a card that fits your spending habits and financial situation. Start by looking through your bank statements and/or current credit card statements to see what categories you are spending at the most (i.e. Restaurants, Travel, Retail, etc). Once your spending profile is mapped out, look for cards with the right mix of sign up bonuses and long term earning potential… This is where we come in! Sign up for Dining Rewards Programs If you can earn extra points doing nothing extra, why not? Dining rewards programs are a great way to do so.  Every time you dine at a restaurant you earn additional point to those on your credit credit card.  For instance, if I dine out with my Chase Sapphire Preferred card, I will earn 2 UltimateRewards points per dollar +  5..

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