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Why You Need to be Using Shopping Portals

Posted By PointStrategist on Credit Cards - If You’re Shopping Online, Using Shopping Portals is a Must. Many wonder how I earn hundreds of thousands of points each year with relatively light spending and credit card churn.  Shopping portals are key. Some have the misconception that you must shop on your credit card, airline, or hotels website for goods.  That is not the case.  You simply use the shopping portals link to redirect you to the same exact shop/website you would visit anyway, yet you earn a multiple of points, sometimes up to 50x rewards.  Typically results are 2x-5x bonus points, but it’s still many times what you would otherwise earn. So which shopping portal should you use? Depending on which credit card(s) you have and what you’re trying to accomplish, (i.e. fights, cash back, etc) there are many options.  One of my favorite tools to determine the best shopping portal to use is EVReward.  The site does the hard work for you, and displays the..The post Why You Need to be Using Shopping Portals appeared first on Point Strategist.

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