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Travel Scams: The Worst of the Worst

Posted By nila on In the News - Exert travelers are not born—rather, frugal travelers are made from the sum of their experiences, both good and bad. Despite my ease today aboard aircraft and at locations both foreign and domestic, many of my prior experiences have not always been pleasant or fun. Instead, I have discovered that life is the hardest teacher, because […]

When You Can’t Own the Whole Airline, Buy its Frequent Flyer Program Instead

Posted By ViewFromTheWing on Credit Cards - One of the ways Etihad exercises this control is by purchasing controlling stakes in an airline's frequent flyer program, something they've done with airberlin and Jet Airways. While foreign ownership restrictions limit equity in an airline, they do not generally limit ownership of an airline frequent flyer program.Etihad purchased a majority stake in the Jet Airways JetPrivilege program and a 70% stake in airberlin's Topbonus program.Continue reading When You Can’t Own the Whole Airline, Buy its Frequent Flyer Program Instead...

The Idea for Brexit Was Hatched at the Chicago O’Hare Pizzeria Uno

Posted By ViewFromTheWing on Credit Cards - The world news and financial markets have been fixated the the UK's vote to leave the EU for nearly a week. As far as what this means for travel, airfares to Europe are low -- they were low already thanks to low fuel prices, too much capacity, and low cost carrier competition. The British pound has dropped, but it was already cheap relative to the dollar. It's a great time to book travel.Bizarrely, perhaps, it turns out that the plan to allow a vote on Brexit was apparently hatched inside an airport. In fact, it may have been sketched out at what was then Pizzeria Uno in Chicago O'Hare's

The Best of the Rest: The Other Cards That I Can’t Live Without

Posted By nila on In the News - Earning points, miles and cash back from credit cards has become a long-term game—due to the fact that many banks have tightened up their requirements on who qualifies for the generous long-term bonuses. Accordingly, I’ve begun looking at the miles game as a marathon of points I can use, rather than a sprint of big […]

Great Summer Vacation Deal – JetBlue Two Day Sale

Posted By PointStrategist on Credit Cards - Looking for a late summer vacation?  Check out JetBlue’s two day sale.  We have found excellent deals on popular vacations spots for as little as 4,400 points roundtrip. Trips we like (from JFK hub roundtrip) NYC to Nantucket: 4,400 points NYC to Cape Cod 5,100 points NYC to Marthas Vineyard 5,800 points NYC to Charlestown SC 8,800 points NYC to Potland ME 11,800 points The list above is best for those living in the NYC area, for a comprehensive list of deals near you visit the JetBlue deal page at: All bookings must be made by June 29, 2016 (t

One Day Left for Special IHG Credit Card Offer, 4 Reasons to Get Card Now

Posted By ViewFromTheWing on Credit Cards - IHG Rewards Club is the loyalty program for Intercontinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn and related hotel brands. They've got a really valuable credit card for the benefits of being a cardmember.And the limited-time signup bonus for this offer is scheduled to end tomorrow.Continue reading One Day Left for Special IHG Credit Card Offer, 4 Reasons to Get Card Now...

Traveling This Summer? Take a Look at These Useful Cards

Posted By nila on In the News - When you purchase a plane ticket, the credit card you pull out of your wallet is the one that earns you the most points for the purchase, right? That basic strategy works — you want to achieve the highest return on your spend, and if you’ve got a credit card that earns 2X or 3X […]

How To Get 5x Points on Everyday Shopping at

Posted By PointStrategist on Credit Cards - If you’re a parent (or soon to be) we have some good news for you… Although you may spend quite a bit of money on your little one, you can at least earn 5x points shopping for all things baby and toddler at  All you need is a Chase Ink Card (Currently with 60k Signup Bonus). Strategy: Buy gift cards using your Chase Ink at Office supply stores (Staples, etc) Redeem gift card on amazon’s website Log In. Click my account. Select the ‘Apply a Gift Card to Your Account’ Shop at (keep in mind all orders over $50 receive f