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Interested in a Disney Vacation Account? This In-Depth Guide Is a Must Read

Posted By nila on In the News - A few weeks ago, my friend Kendra over at Points and Pixie Dust wrote about the Disney Vacation Account—which was the first time I’d ever heard of it. Considering the research I did for the Frugal Guide to Disneyland and Disney World, I was both surprised I’d missed and curious about what it is exactly. […]

Get TSA PreCheck for 9,000 Points

Posted By PointStrategist on Credit Cards - Sick of waiting in line the security line at the airport?  Gain expedited service by obtaining TSA PreCheck.  You can speed through security and don’t need to remove your shoes, laptops, liquids, belts and light jackets. For 9,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards points you can purchase a five year TSA PreCheck membership. Simply follow the steps on the Southwest rewards portal at: Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Portal Although this is not an amazing conversion (.94c per point), TSA PreCheck provides good long term utility and is yet another way to burn Southwest Rapid Rewards if you do not fly on t

How to Keep Track of Multiple Credit Card Accounts

Posted By nila on In the News - One thing that initially turns a lot of people off from points and miles is keeping track of your multiple accounts—the easiest way to earn a lot of miles quickly is to apply for credit cards, but the more you apply for, the harder it gets. Not only do you need to keep track of […]


Posted By ViewFromTheWing on Credit Cards - I make typos frequently in blog posts. I'm a one man shop, and part-time at that. I bang out a post and share it in between other jobs. I could do a lot better. With a budget over $7 billion and with 50,000 employees at my disposal, I'd like to think that I would do better.Continue reading Oops....

Travel Scams: The Worst of the Worst

Posted By nila on In the News - Exert travelers are not born—rather, frugal travelers are made from the sum of their experiences, both good and bad. Despite my ease today aboard aircraft and at locations both foreign and domestic, many of my prior experiences have not always been pleasant or fun. Instead, I have discovered that life is the hardest teacher, because […]

When You Can’t Own the Whole Airline, Buy its Frequent Flyer Program Instead

Posted By ViewFromTheWing on Credit Cards - One of the ways Etihad exercises this control is by purchasing controlling stakes in an airline's frequent flyer program, something they've done with airberlin and Jet Airways. While foreign ownership restrictions limit equity in an airline, they do not generally limit ownership of an airline frequent flyer program.Etihad purchased a majority stake in the Jet Airways JetPrivilege program and a 70% stake in airberlin's Topbonus program.Continue reading When You Can’t Own the Whole Airline, Buy its Frequent Flyer Program Instead...

The Idea for Brexit Was Hatched at the Chicago O’Hare Pizzeria Uno

Posted By ViewFromTheWing on Credit Cards - The world news and financial markets have been fixated the the UK's vote to leave the EU for nearly a week. As far as what this means for travel, airfares to Europe are low -- they were low already thanks to low fuel prices, too much capacity, and low cost carrier competition. The British pound has dropped, but it was already cheap relative to the dollar. It's a great time to book travel.Bizarrely, perhaps, it turns out that the plan to allow a vote on Brexit was apparently hatched inside an airport. In fact, it may have been sketched out at what was then Pizzeria Uno in Chicago O'Hare's

The Best of the Rest: The Other Cards That I Can’t Live Without

Posted By nila on In the News - Earning points, miles and cash back from credit cards has become a long-term game—due to the fact that many banks have tightened up their requirements on who qualifies for the generous long-term bonuses. Accordingly, I’ve begun looking at the miles game as a marathon of points I can use, rather than a sprint of big […]